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Tools for professionals

The Management Dashboard is an extraordinary tool developed for Financial Intermediaries and Family Offices to access their universe of portfolios.

This powerful system allows you to sort your portfolios by currency, strategy, custodian or any other criteria at your disposal. This helps you to identify anomalies and re-align the allocation.

Different viewing styles (tiles or grid) will assist you to group your portfolios using only a few mouse clicks.

In order to see full details about a specific portfolio, a link will take you to our Web Portal.



Access your portfolios

As an end user, you will be able to access information on your portfolio(s) in the blink of an eye via your computer, iPad or any other tablet.

Multiple options and features are at your disposal including the ability to follow performance, have a global overview of your assets and consult transactions.

This powerful system allows you to consolidate various portfolios in a single report. Thanks to the flexibility of the platform, you will be able to select the range of dates and the currency of your report as desired.

A powerful authentication system has been implemented to ensure a high level of security. Access to our servers can be via a physical device or a free App.



Confidentiality assured

As security is becoming an increasing concern, you will be able to exchange e-mails with us in a secure environment accessed via a powerful authentication system.

All e-mails are stored on our servers located on our premises. Like with any webmail, you can manage your folders as desired.

A notification system will alert you when you receive an e-mail.


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