One platform to access all your portfolios


Solutions for professionals

As a Financial Intermediary or Family Office, have you ever imagined being able to monitor all your portfolios regardless of which or how many banks are acting as custodian? Our Management Dashboard will transform your dream into reality. This powerful system will allow you to sort your portfolios by currency, strategy, custodian or any other criteria at your disposal, allowing you to highlight anomalies and re-align the allocation.

Different styles of reports are not always easy to understand and interpret. For that reason, our system enables you to generate individual or consolidated Statements of Assets which will provide full and comprehensive details.

As transparency is becoming increasingly important, you have the option to allow your clients to access information on their portfolio(s) in a secure environment.

This service can be provided to Financial Intermediaries or Family Offices worldwide.



Cut through the noise

Have you ever imagined being able to access your portfolios regardless of the banks or managers looking after them? If so, our Web Portal is definitely a tool for you, allowing the monitoring of assets anywhere, anytime, regardless of where you live.

This powerful system enables you to access information on your portfolios in the blink of an eye. Multiple options and features will be at your disposal including the ability to follow performance, have a global overview of your assets and consult transactions.


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